Sunday, July 24, 2011

Floridian Makes Campaign Ad
for SF Mayoral Wannabe Dufty

Stuart Milk, who's made a career of cashing in on being the nephew of Harvey Milk and seriously lacks his own credentials and accomplishments, does not ride Muni. Nor does he vote in San Francisco. Pay taxes here? Nope. He frequently shows up in San Francisco to exploit his uncle's legacy, then splits back home to Wilton Manors, Florida.

And mayoral candidate, and my friend, Bevan Dufty, is for the second time using Stuart's endorsement in an attempt to garner votes. In June, Bevan's ad in the pride issue of the Bay Area Reporter was all about his endorsement. Yawn.

Now, Bevan's campaign has created an ad with Stuart using Harvey's trademark slogan "I want to recruit you" to encourage San Francisco residents to use one of their three votes for his candidate Bevan.

I'm in no mood to indulge either Bevan's ego, due to his dropping the ball about follow up with Steve Adams and MUMC over the latest flag flap at Milk Plaza, or Stuart's ego at any time, so I'm not embedding the vid here.

You can watch the Florida voter again try and influence San Francisco citizens at Bevan's site.

Note to Bevan: You might earn one of my votes if you addressed, and kept your promises, solving the Milk Plaza rainbow flag controversy. Oh, and get some locals to tout your campaign. Folks from out of town do not know what is best for San Francisco and are a turnoff.

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