Thursday, December 16, 2010

Solmonese Must Go List Has 55 Names;
HRC Protest on Saturday 

[UPDATE #1: We're beyond the number in the headline. Now up to 60, and this italicized line will change as names are added.]

When I started a list last week of folks who in one fashion or another, had called for Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign to resign, I was unaware of a similar effort launched by Ethan August. His petition is posted here, and folks can either sign it, or email me to add their name to the list.

Ethan and I spoke on the phone and quickly decided to merge our lists into one, thus bringing the combined number of folks who want to see Solmonese leave HRC to 55. We'll both be at this Saturday's protest at Harvey Milk's old camera shop at 575 Castro Street in San Francisco. It starts at noon. Rain or shine, we will be there.The protest will address myriad accountability issues with HRC, and oppose the sit/lie law.

Here are excerpts from Ethan's post from this morning, detailing a few of his concerns:

The only action performed in an HRC Action Center is that of taking out your wallet and parting with some of your hard earned money. The HRC has taken Harvey Milk’s legacy hostage and will milk every dollar from that legacy that they possibly can. [...]

Some will argue that the presence of the HRC in this Castro Street space is better than any other alternative corporate retailer. It is irrelevant to me whether the sweaters sold at this historical site have no logo or the equality logo - it is a complete misuse of the power of this location and disrespectful to Harvey Milk's legacy. [...] They clearly arrived at this [leasing] decision without any thoughtful debate or input from the community.[...]

It pains me to criticize an organization I have followed so faithfully for over a decade. However, I can no longer support an organization that lacks the vision and leadership to take this movement to the next level. I’ll now work with others to effect change in this organization until it has occurred.

Good to have Ethan joining the campaign against HRC and its leadership. This is the latest edition of our lists, and we welcome more folks putting their names on the list:

Andres Almeida: Co-founder,
Ethan August: Gay comedian, Palo Alto
Paul Barwick: Plaintiff, 1971 gay marriage lawsuit, SF
Dustin Lance Black: Liberal writer, Los Angeles
B. Daniel Blatt: Conservative pundit, California
Paul Brown: Gay businessman, San Francisco
J. Bulsara: Mansfield, OH
Denise Eaker-Hoover: Community builder, Missouri
Maria F.: Verona, Italy
Clinton Fein: Gay political artist, San Francisco
J. Todd Fernandez: Gay activist, New York City
Paulo Sant-Filh: New York City
Echo G.: Ashland, OH
Rick Garcia: Equality Illinois, Chicago
Chase Gentry: Old Hickory, TN
Clifford Gooden: Davenport, IA
Stephen Greene: Ellerbe, NC
Glenn Greenwald: Gay Salon writer, DC
Jeri Hughes: Transsexual woman, DC
Marc Forrest Kaplan: Activist, North Carolina
Ken Howard: LCSW, Gay Mental Health Provider, LA
M. Vernon Hunt: Reverend/activist/writer, Ohio
Cia Jackson: Aurora, CO
Alex Jory: Valley Village, CA
C.D. Kirven: Activist and writer, Texas
Melissa Kleckner: Writer & straight-ally, New Jersey
Susannah Kegler: San Pedro, CA
Will Kohl: Radical pundit, Ohio
Bridgette LaVictoire: Writer, LezGetReal, Vermont
Brian Martin: Tipton, IN
George Martin: Loule, Portugal
Tom Maxwell: Los Angeles, CA
Rory McCarron: Ashburn, VA
Melanie Nathan: LezGetReal blogger, California
Michael-in-Norfolk: Moderate writer, Virginia
Ingrid Peeters: Torremolinos, Spain
Justan Peterson: Activist, Utah
Michael Petrelis: Radical activist, San Francisco
Robbie at Malcontent: Liberal pundit
Charles Milne: Person w/HIV activist, Oregon & Utah
Chael Montgomery: Gay blogger, Iowa
De Andre Nickens: Los Angeles, CA
David Phillips: 26 yrs out, 28 yrs w/HIV
Fritz Rathmann: Gay activist, Georgia
Katrina Rose: Attorney & blogger, ENDABlog
Allen Roskoff: Political advocate, New York City
Joelle Ruby Ryan: Transgender professor and writer
Gregg Simmons: Gay advocate, New York City
Pam Spaulding: Liberal writer, North Carolina
Cristi Sturgill: Mount Vernon, KY
Andrew Sullivan: Conservative blogger, DC
Josephine Marie Thane: Transgender woman, Georgia
Carlee Trent: Springfield, OH
David Waterson
Lynn Weaver: Livingston, MT
Nicole Weber: Pasadena, MD
Jennifer White: Community activist
Cathi Woodward: Activist, Colorado
Nude Woody: Queer community activist, San Francisco
Scott Wooledge: Clarknt67@Daily Kos, New York City

[Update #2: I want to call attention to the addition of two names to the list. First, longtime smarty-pants Glenn Greenwald sent a note with his endorsement that lifted my spirits: "Michael - Please add my name to your Joe Solmonese list - add it as many times as you want." Second, my good pal, the super-sexy no-pants Nude Woody is throwing his backing our way. Much gratitude to all working on getting rid of Joe.]


Wonder Man said...

Where will this list go? And are you lobbying to the HRC board of directors... They make the decisions

Unknown said...

You woulda gotten even more names if you had gotten the ones from the comment section that you asked people to use, including mine. Thanks for the link to the petition.

Unknown said...

hi queer, alias cathy woodward of CO,

you're right, i overlooked your comments on the first round of endorsers. all i can say now is your name is on the list! thanks for prodding me to get you on it.

Unknown said...

hi wonder man,

where would you like it to go? this is a collaborative effort, getting HRC to pay attention to the dissatisfaction in the community, and ethan and i are working together to maintain one master list.

you could help get the HRC folks' attention, at the staff and board levels, by taking this list and post, along with ethan's writings, and sending it to the HRC addys you may have.

the more they hear from more of the critics the more things may change.