Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Berlin Acts Up for Walter Trochez;
Poles Push Gay Campaigns 

I am a member of the international network dedicated to securing attention and justice for Walter Trochez, the murdered gay from Honduras, and my colleagues in Germany have sent word about their marking of the first anniversary of his extrajudicial killing by forces aligned with rightwing coup leaders. Their report and images:

December 13 Protest at the
Honduran Embassy in Berlin

(Credit for both Berlin photos: Denise Redder.)

Human rights activist group „Walter Tróchez Queer Alliance“ rallied in front of the Honduran Embassy in Germany to call attention to the continued human rights violations in this Central American country. They handed over a wreath in memory of murdered human rights activist Walter Tróchez, a 27 year old activist who fought for human rights of persons living with HIV and of transgender persons.

Walter was shot dead on December 13, 2009, in Tegucigalpa. Walter’s murder as well as the assassination of dozens of other citizens, including transgender persons were related to the June 28th, 2009, coup d‘ état. To this day, the murders have not been resolved and the criminals have not been brought to justice.

An open letter was directed to the Honduran Ambassador appealing for a thorough investigation and an end to state support crime against its citizens.

I extend hearty thanks from San Francisco and thumbs up to the German gays for their advocacy this week on behalf of Walter Trochez, and for providing the global gay community with photos and a written report.

In other international news, this time from Poland, gay community organizer Wojciech Szot sent me info on the expansion of social marketing campaign, along with public actions, pushing for greater acceptance of LGBT people in the heavily Catholic country. I don't know about you, but I am pleased as pansy punch that our brothers and sisters over there are visible, out and proud in the town of Inowroclaw. We are indeed everywhere! Read on:

Polish campaign for same-sex civil partnerships „Love Does Not Exclude”, which started in November in Warsaw and Łódź, will be continued in smaller cities and towns in Poland. The locations are being selected by Internet users, and campaign organisers tailor the advertising presentation to each one. Unfortunately already in the first location, the town of Inowroclaw in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region, we have encountered censorship obstacles.

In larger Polish cities tolerance and understanding for LGBT rights are rather widespread, and political correctness seems well grounded; in smaller cities and towns, however, LGBT persons often face homophobia. We are therefore convinced that this is precisely where the campaign should be visible, to communicate with the straight majority – but also to tell young LGBT persons that they are not left alone.

Poland has 16 administrative regions and in 16 months we plan to visit one town in each of them. More info about campaign on our website.

On 20th November – one day before local government elections – a demonstration was organised in front of Warsaw University as part of the campaign „Love Does Not Exclude”. In the most popular weekend venue of our city we spoke about same-sex partnerships and presented our huge banner saying "We demand civil partnership law".

More praise and laurels from me, to the Polish gays for their important work. The Poles and German activists make me proud to be a card-carrying member of the International Homosexual Conspiracy! Act up! Fight back!

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