Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Big Rainbow Flag Needed 
for UN Demo on 12/11

Thanks to the efforts of my friend Supervisor Bevan Dufty, I've been put in touch with engineers at the city's Department of Public Works regarding the possibility of hoisting a rainbow flag up one of the two flagpoles on United Nations Plaza this Saturday.

Currently, one pole flies the UN flag and the second flagpole flies America's red, white and blue flag. Both the UN and US flags measure 12x18 feet and are held in place with metal chains woven through the grommets.

Bevan and I are asking lots of friends and community leaders to loan us a 12x18 foot rainbow flag for our protest, and we've not yet laid our hands on one, so I'm posting this notice hoping someone out in the Bay Area can help us out and loan us the enormous-sized flag that we need.

FYI, we've checked with the folks in the Castro who maintain and control the rainbow flag at Harvey Milk Plaza, to see if their flag would be suitable for UN Plaza. Unfortunately, the flag in the gay district's heart is too big for our purposes. Also, Cliff's Hardware store doesn't stock gay flags that large.

If you happen to have a 12x18 foot rainbow flag, with grommets, that we can borrow, Bevan and I would greatly appreciate the favor. We would dearly like to have the UN and rainbow flag billowing in the wind, as the community speaks out against the terrible recent UN vote deleting gays from a resolution condemning extrajudicial executions.

Lemme know if you possess such a big rainbow flag, ASAP. And come out on December 11 at noon at UN Plaza for a rally against that General Assembly vote.

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jane said...

I definitely think you are going the right way by using advertising flags to help get your point across. It's an eye-catching moving object that's hard to miss. Hope the rally went well more you Michael!