Thursday, August 13, 2009

KTVU: Truth About Haters'
Anti-Milk Presser in SF

This is one of those experiences when I have to admit a mistake, because I didn't have all the details at my fingertips when writing a post, and the correction really expands on the point I wanted to make.

Until I watched the KTVU news at 10PM last night, I didn't know another gay man had loudly challenged the hate show put on in the afternoon at Civic Plaza by Save California's Randy Thomasson and a crew of haters. They came to town to denounce lots of things about Harvey Milk and gay men, and to spread a few lies.

What the KTVU segment shows, and really gives me pleasure, is a gay man named Dan Barber also didn't like the hate being spewed by Thomasson, so he hurled a few comments in his direction. Clearly Barber did his thing and left before I arrived on the scene and did my zapping. Yep, there were two gays directly challenging the lies of homo-haters, something that must be done by more of us in more places, every time haters lie about us.

Thanks, Dan Barber, for your individual zap at the presser. And let's also extend thanks to Rafael Mandelman and Laura Spanjian, of the Harvey Milk and Alice B. Toklas Democratic clubs, who were in the crowd of onlookers, spoke to reporters, and were more diplomatic in rebutting Thomasson's stupidity to the press.

Yesterday was a good example of diverse LGBT people each in their own unique capacity, and without any pre-planning, standing up for the truth and dignity of our community.

Check out KTVU's story here. The zaps of Thomasson start at the 1:40 mark.


Tom said...

Thank you endlessly, not only for being alert to hate speech & the devious people who don suits & ties to spew this "disinformation" as if they're authoritative about their hatred's focus de jour, but also for so quickly exercising your Free Speech rights so effectively to counter this arrogance of the mindless majority. Hopefully, actions such as yours will accumulate to the point that Thomasson & his ilk will forever become part of an ever-dwindling minority, at least here in California & the rest of the USA. When that welcomed day occurs, the road to Human Rights worldwide for all people will be a bit further irreversibly paved.

Ken Hodnett said...

I didn't know about this 'presser' but I'm glad at least a few of us showed up and spoke to the press in opposition. I'm glad you and Barber had something to say for the cameras. I can't imagine you wouldn't (ha-ha) Good show!

It even looked like you shooed them off because they were breaking down their 'snake oil' stand so fast!!!

And if bible-thumper Thomasson thinks that Harvey was a "sexual predator" for having relations with a 16 year old, then the so-called Holy Spirit (or Joseph) is also for knocking up the mother of Jesus at about the age of 14!

In fact the bible, and history, is chock-full of such "relations" as being acceptable, which Thomasson knowingly overlooks. Yet he props up that bible as a moral standard and says WE as gay folks fall short of it?! It would also appear that the bible itself falls short of Thomasson's 'moral' opinion.