Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cleve's March Produces the Budget

The spokesperson for the October 11 march on Washington, Loch Powell, has shared with me the budget at this point for the event. I hope they also post it on their site. Very interesting to see a gay vets event is planned, but still nothing related to HIV/AIDS and the needs of people living with the disease that I am aware of is on the official list of events. Let's see if that omission is addressed very soon.

Here's the budget. Sorry for the awful layout, but Loch sent only a PDF version of it and I had to convert it to text in order to post to my blog:

National Equality March 2009
Forecasted Budget Detail - March Event
As of August 21, 2009

Line Item Forecast

Organizing Functions & Thank You Receptions (in alphabetical order)

Pre-Night Organizing Volunteers/Coordinators Receptions - October 9th and 10th $3,000.00

Volunteers/Coordinators Post March Event Thank You & Follow Up Reception $2,500.00

Volunteer Organizing Headquarters @ Host Madison Hotel In-Kind Donation

Volunteer Organizing Headquarters Snacks/Beverages over 3 days @ Host Madison Hotel $ 2,500.00

Sub Total $ 8,000.00

Memorial Service For Tech SGT Leonard Matlovitch w/ Lt. Dan Choi & Gay Veterans @ Congressional Cemetery and Wreath Laying @ The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery on October 10th

Soundsystem delivery/drop off/pick up @ Congressional Cemetery $750.00

Wreath for Ceremony at Gravesite in Congressional Cemetery $250.00

Wreath for Ceremony at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery $250.00

Sub Total $ 1,250.00

March to Capitol Related Event on October 11th (in alphabetical order)

Banners and Signs $ 3,500.00
Credentials/Passes/Lanyards $ 250.00
Food and Beverages For Volunteers/Speakers/Coordinators $ 1,500.00
Insurance $ 2,500.00
Local Event Coordinator/Producer $ 2,500.00
Local Event Assistant Coordinator/Producer $ 1,250.00
Permits No Cost
Police/DOT and Medical & EMS/Department City Support - Suggested Donation $ 2,500.00
Printed Materials (Flyers/Program/Other Information) $ 10,000.00
Toilets/Porta Johns (100 Standard, delivery & pickup) $ 5,500.00
Toliets/Porta Johns (25 Wheelchair Accessible, delivery & pickup) $ 2,500.00
Trash Bins/Receptacles along the march route In-Kind Donation
Volunter Staff (50 as of August 20, 2009) In-Kind Donation
Water Stations (5 @ $250 each) $ 1,250.00

Sub Total $ 33,250.00

Capitol Related Event on October 11th (in alphabetical order)

Banners and Signs $ 3,500.00
Bike Barricades and Delineators $ 1,500.00
Bullhorns (includes insurance fees) $ 250.00
Clean-Up Crew (Volunteer) In-Kind Donation
Communication "Walkie Talkies" For Organizers/Volunteers (100) $ 1,300.00
Credentials/Passes/Lanyards $ 500.00
Food and Beverages For Volunteers/Speakers/Coordinators at Main Stage $2,500.00
General Supplies $ 1,000.00
Generators (back up and emergency) $ 2,000.00
Gospel Choir Ensemble Additional Delivery/Set Up & Pick Up of Riser and Audio $5,000.00
Insurance $ 7,500.00
Live Stream Equipment/Crew/Production/Delivery $ 7,500.00
Local Event Coordinator/Producer $ 7,500.00
Local Event Assistant Coordinator/Producer $ 2,500.00
Main Stage/Risers/Camera Platforms & Staging Area Delivery & Set Up $4,000.00
Main Stage Delivery/Set up & Pick Up Sound System/Delayed Audio System/LED Screen, Platform &
Video Equipment $ 30,000.00
Main Stage Trucking & Labor Costs Associated with Complete Delivery/Set Up/Pick Up $ 30,000.00
Police & Medical and EMS/Department City Support -Suggested Donation $ 7,500.00
Permits No Cost
Printed Materials (Flyers/Program/Other Information) $ 12,500.00
Security - Personnel $ 5,000.00
Sign Language Interpreters In-Kind Donation
Tables/Tents/Chairs (package deal) - no tents allowed at Capitol Lawn $ 1,500.00
Toilets /Porta Johns (300 Standard, delivery & pickup) $ 15,500.00
Toliets/Porta Johns (60 Wheelchair Accessible, delivery & pickup) $ 6,000.00
Trash Bins/Receptacles on the Capitol Lawn and Mall In-Kind Donation
Volunter Staff (250 as of August 20, 2009) In-Kind Donation
Water Stations (10 @ $250 each) $ 2,500.00

Sub Total $ 157,050.00

TOTAL (2)(3)(4) $ 199,550.00


1. "Forecast" reflects projected, estimated, identified costs for each line item as of August 21, 2009.
2. Costs are allocated for the period July 1 - October 31, 2009.
3. Best efforts will be made to achieve the lowest possible costs associated with each line item.
4. New line items may added as they are identified.

Disclaimer As It Relates To National Equality March 2009 Budget:

This is a "working forecasted budget" as of August 21, 2009 and the Executive Committee of the National Equality March may add new costs, as necessary, and works everyday to secure any and all goods and services at the lowest possible cost.


Anonymous said...

Who is the "executive committee" where is the money coming from?

The gay-a-palooza they said wouldn't happen is contrary to this budget.

Anonymous said...

Only a total of 125 porta potties? The biggest gripe from tourists/residents about the Mall and area around it is the LACK of restroom facilities.

Yep, this thing was thrown together too quickly and haphazardly. Even tho I live in D.C., I won't be going.

Anonymous said...

God, sometimes I wonder why I come to this site. What a bitch fest. If you have questions or concerns for the committee, just ask them. I've had some and I got answers. If you don't support it, don't go and shut up. If you do, go and do what you can to make it better. Otherwise, you're doing nothing but make things worse for all. Don't see how you think sitting online and dissing hard and well-intentioned helps anyone.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your opinion. Have fun peeing on the Mall!

Michael @ said...

Some confusion is reasonable, but they are not "budgeting" things for which they are not having to make any expenditures, but that doesn't mean they won't be a part of the weekend such as something focusing on HIV/AIDS information.

AndrewW said...

This is the $200,000 Budget (so far) for the March that Cleve said he "could do for $50,000."

Some of us have demanded that our donations be returned.

This project is already an embarrassment and will be to a much greater extent if people waste any more time, money or energy on it.

Anonymous said...

Enough already. This is a mistake.

Gus said...

$ 199,550.00? We certainly couldn't use that money in a close state race where it's impact would be much more than a drop in the news cycle. Like, say, in Maine?