Tuesday, August 04, 2009

David Mixner Has Been Hospitalized

Longtime political activist David Mixner, who's also a friend, according to an August 1 post on his blog, is ailing and hospitalized:
Unfortunately, Mr. Mixner is sick and in the hospital. He will not be able to write his blog and is looking forward to being back and sassy in a week or so. He thanks you for your patience and kind wishes while he recovers.
I have a strong, unequivocal message for David, that I hope his friends taking care of him pass along from me: Be a good patient, listen to your doctor and the nurses, and get well soon.

On a side note, even though David and I have had many political differences over the years, we have forged a friendship over our mutual love and admiration for Terrence Malick films. I hope to soon be trading emails with him over the director's cut on DVD of "The New World," starring Colin Farrell.

(Photo credit: Todd Franson of DC's Metro Weekly.)

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