Friday, December 02, 2005

National Enquirer: Is Condi Rice Gay?

That paragon of good gossip, the National Enquirer, this week features a cover story on who's gay and who's not. One of the biggest pictures on the cover is of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice!

Yes, en-queery-ing minds want to know about Rice's sexual orientation. Remember this posting?


Anonymous said...

Of course she is gay, that is why she has ave to be appointed to government positions istead of being elected. She could never escape the scutiny...

In Washington's more 'discreet' gay bars Karl Rove is well-known as a frequent visitor. Witty gays have given him the nickname 'Miss Piggy...

tarheel_65 said...

Does Washington really have a discreet gay bar other than the one at the White House?

While the thought of bumping into Karl at a gay bar is a delicious one, I doubt the devil and his busy workshop have enough downtime for public cock-tailing.

I know if I were bogged down sowing inernational evil and ill will, I'd "order in". Perhaps from someone like Jeff Gannon.

With all the clever people out there with axes to grind with these assholes, how is it that no one has as of yet found the goods on these creeps. Hypocrisy is a valid reason for outing and disowning these self-hating monsters. Let's get busy and expose them before they do more damage to our world.

Anonymous said...

All I want to know can you be female, black, gay, AND Republican????

(Doing my best "Wendy's" Comercial impersonation)

The world has gone mad.