Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blade: Is GLAAD Sleeping with the Enemy, Ford?

Washington Blade reporter Steve Koval points out the odd relationship the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has these days with the Ford Motor Company in a posting to the paper's blog this morning. Koval asks some tough questions of GLAAD, which they should respond to immediately.

Kudos to Koval and the Blade for keeping tabs on GLAAD and for reminding readers about the important of transparency from our advocacy organizations.

From the Blade blog:

So where's my beef? Last week I received an e-mail from GLAAD urging me to buy a Land Rover or Jaguar, the very same Ford products that will no longer be advertised in gay publications. This was part of a purchase promotion between GLAAD and Ford that results in donations of up to $1,000 to GLAAD for each vehicle purchased. The program does not end until Dec. 31.

I don't blame GLAAD for the impeccably bad timing on its e-mail. However, I do blame it for not being more forthright now about its relationship with Ford. If GLAAD could send out an e-mail last week urging me to buy a Land Rover or Jaguar, it could have and should have sent me a second e-mail this week informing me of the controversy.

Broadcasting this information might result in less money going to GLAAD, but it would ensure that people had all of the relevant facts before making a purchase. Does GLAAD still want me to buy a Land Rover or a Jaguar? I don't know because they have not taken a position.

Transparency is also important because GLAAD is now in the position of criticizing Ford while financially benefiting from its current promotion with Ford. Until yesterday, GLAAD's website promoted Ford products. Now the page has disappeared without any explanation
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