Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lesbians at State Dept Dinner; Karen Hughes' Silence

That Condi Rice sure knows how to invite an all-American diverse rainbow of folks to State Department dinners, including the openly lesbian crooner kd lang and her current gal-pal.

This gay activist never expected to see Condi's name linked in any way to lang's in a news photo caption, but there you have it.

Not only did the lesbian lovebirds rather proudly and casually display themselves, in some hot-hot outfits, but longtime self-avowed pot head Willie Nelson was also showed up to dine with Condi and company.

What I'd like to most know about the shindig is did Willie smoke any weed or nibble on a brownie during the night?

Condi: She's the (closeted?) hostess with the mostess and has fab friends to invite over for a bite to eat.

Speaking of the State Department, last week I wrote about the December 4-6 trip to Central America by the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy, Karen Hughes. I cracked wise about how she's like a diplomatic and press hurricane when she hits a region to promote the Bush agenda, usually generating much media attention.

Not this trip, at least not yet. Googling Hughes turns up nothing from her travels in the media, and to my real surprise, nothing about the trip, or whatever it is she's been saying to our neighbors to the south, has been posted on her page at the State Department's web site.

This is quite odd, given that she's has only one more day left on her trip before returning to the U.S., and after being in Central America for two days, with corporate bigwigs in her entourage, I'd expect _something_, anything on her trip to hit the newspapers or the State Department site.

Are no American newspapers following her journey? Has she contracted laryngitis and that is why no transcripts of her meetings and speeches have been posted by the State Department site?

Maybe we'll just have to wait until Hughes comes home to find out what she said and did on her latest excursion to foreign lands.

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