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Kenneth Cole Won't Provide Figures for AIDS Ad

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I am not sure why you presume something deceptive is going on with the "We All Have AIDS" campaign, but in the spirit of the community that we have set out to gather, I will respond to your questions.

First, you should understand that, while I have invested a good deal of my own time and effort in this campaign over the past 12 months, it has not diminished my level of engagement in, or support for amfAR.

In putting this campaign together, I have been very fortunate to have received helpful technical support from a range of individuals and organizations, in particular from Viacom and the Kaiser Family Foundation, strategic partners in this effort, as well as from amfAR.

You will find a list of companies and organizations that have generously donated advertising space and other in-kind products and services to the campaign at

Finally, it's generally my preference not to broadcast the size or extent of my contributions to the causes I support. Since I am personally funding the "We All Have AIDS" campaign, I don't believe it serves any purpose to divulge how much I've expended on it to date.

I hope this helps to address your concerns.

Kenneth Cole


Dear Kenneth,

You're reading your own fears into my simple questions to you last week about the costs of the ad campaign. Since when it is presumed wrong to ask how much an AIDS marketing campaign costs?

Frankly, you don't answer a single one of my questions. All you, or your p.r. department, say in your weak response is how wonderful everyone involved in the campaign is. Since you seem to have forgotten what my questions were, here's the link to them.

You have not addressed my concerns at all and I do think there is something terribly wrong that you can't tell me how much money is being spnet on the "We All Have AIDS" campaign.

I hope you reconsider your inability to answer my questions and commit to providing fiscal transparency for your important AIDS ad effort.

Michael Petrelis

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