Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bush in Baghdad Over the Christmas Weekend?

President Bush is engaged in an onslaught of speeches on Iraq, including one from the Oval Office, sitting down for interviews with news reporters, taking unscripted questions from the general public in Philadelphia, holding a press conference with White House beat reporters and release of supposedly previous classified plans for victory in Iraq.

No effort has been spared to convince the American public the war in Iraq is going well and according to Bush's grand plan.

At the same time, members of his war cabinet; Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and even Dick "five-deferments" Cheney have put in appearances over in Iraq's war theater.

Bush was last in Iraq more than two years ago, for a surprise visit with the troops. You may recall he used a plastic turkey for a prop back then.

Based on nothing more than a (protease paunch) gut feeling, I predict the president is going to stage an appearance in Baghdad over the Christmas weekend.

Doing so would be not only the icing on the "democracy is on the march in Iraq" cake, but also a cherry on top, with images of Bush glad-handing American military personnel beamed across TV screens worldwide.

It's the perfect climax to Bush's public relations campaign in the past few weeks.

Care to wager he shows up in the war-zone in the next couple of days?

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