Friday, November 25, 2016

Rust Belt Recount: NYT Omits Stein; WaPo Includes Greens

Talk about mainstream media bias favoring the two major political parties and ignoring third parties. Here's a prime piece of evidence from the New York Times that ran on Nov. 24.

Reporters Trip Gabriel and David E. Sanger, in a story headlined "Clinton Supporters, Citing Experts, Urge Her to Seek Recount in 3 Key States," note that many of Hillary supporters want her to endorse growing demands for a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The Times omitted mention of the successful crowdfunding drive spearheaded by Jill Stein and the Green Party, that as of the Times' deadline was on the way toward raising $2 million for the recounts.

How the hell can the Gray Lady run a lengthy piece, ran across six column print inches, on the recount call and fail to once report on Stein and the Greens? All the news fit to print, indeed.

As if to correct their journalistic cohort's omission, the Washington Post on Nov. 25 published an article by David Weigel with this headline: "Why People Are Giving Jill Stein Millions for an Election Recount."

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Granted, the Times piece ran yesterday and the Washington Post waited a day to run it's story, it's still very telling that the former with all its resources and reporters completely ignored the Green Party moving forward on recounts.

Has the Times learned anything about its narrow vision when it comes to political organizing outside of the Democratic and Republican parties? Their article yesterday leads me to think not.

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