Monday, November 21, 2016

Green Voter Zealous Petrelis Breaks 10,000 Vote Ceiling!

The latest results for all races from the San Francisco Department of Elections were released this afternoon and yours truly has a new vote total: 10,143. That is 6.79% of ballots cast.

Yuge thanks to all who voted for Zealous Petrelis!

For a registered Green Party voter who spent less than $100 on his campaign, I'm damn proud of my DIY Democracy effort that put public health concerns over the 16th Street BART Plaza on the community agenda, and captured enough votes to smash the five-figure vote count ceiling.

About 14,000 ballots are still to be counted and the department expects to complete the vote counting by the close of business on Wednesday. Stay tuned to learn what my eventual total comes to.

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