Tuesday, November 08, 2016

My BART Campaign Closes at 16th Street Plaza

There was no better way to conclude the last full day before voting than to have my friend Jake Conroy stop by as I staged one more visibility event before Election Day. It was at BART's 16th Street Plaza, which has been my primary focus, of course, where I had taped up a few of my posters.

After five months of campaigning in various forms and venues, I accomplished a significant goal: improve the public health and public safety at the 16th Street transit hub.

Engaging with an array of public agencies and nudging them to take action making the plazas better spaces for all, and delivering concrete and visible betterment equals a success for me, and users of the hub.

Regardless of the number of votes received, I'm proud of my latest ride as a candidate on the merry-go-round that is the San Francisco election enterprise and you can expect me to continue my advocacy regarding BART matters after the election.

Now, go vote for zealous Petrelis!

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