Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dem Women: 'Never Talked About Plan B' For Trump Win

One more reason I don't trust Democrats and their party apparatus. In a presidential election, there will be a winner and a loser. Not rocket science to know this will happen. Tell that to all the Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party voters who just couldn't conceive of Donald Trump winning.

Today's San Francisco Chronicle brings light the lack of intelligent planning by party leaders:

"'We were talking that when Hillary is elected, we will see this flood of women who want to run for office,' said Amy Pearl, board chair of Emerge America, a training program that aims to propel more Democratic women into public office. 'Anything will be possible, we said. We never, ever talked about plan B. We never, ever considered the alternative. My heart is broken. It is indescribable.'"

Yes, anything including Clinton losing was possible and Emerge America should have considered that development. It's now our reality.

The Democrat's farm team developers never had a plan B. Given the controversy over Plan B drug products and services for emergency pregnancy contraception, a Plan B should have had a place on their pre-election agenda.

Says a lot about what's wrong with this party.

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