Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wiener & DA Criticism at Democratic Meeting Elicits Applause

(After the meeting, I posed with two signs and my bike.)

Tonight's meeting of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee had a packed agenda and each member of the public was given only sixty-seconds to speak, which I protested calling for a full two-minutes for everyone.

Short speaking time aside, kudos to the DCCC for being that rare local body where public comment is scheduled at the start of the meeting, so folks know when to show up to give testimony. Unlike the Board of Supervisors where public comment could come forty minutes or four hours into the meeting, but I digress.

After announcing myself as a candidate for BART's District 9 seat, I used my one-minute to recount how Supervisor Scott Wiener was given special attention by District Attorney George Gascon when he prosecuted me for an inappropriate picture, and the greasy DA's machinery worked to grind me down.

And now, Wiener is again the victim of minor crime, this time his phone was robbed, and Gascon originally brought a felony kidnapping charge along with felonious thievery, extortion and grand theft, showing again how the maximum power of the DA is brought to bear against Wiener's perpetrators.

I cited that case against a poor black woman who's faced homeless, time in jail and addiction named LaSonya Wells, quickly stating in two instances that Wiener received extra attention from the DA.

In closing, I said there have been 20 civilians killed by police officers since Gascon became DA and zero charges brought against the cops. This must change.

Thank you, to the folks who applauded my denunciations. Watch the short video:

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