Wednesday, August 24, 2016

BART Candidates Do Lunch; Positive Campaign Pledge Next?

Early this afternoon, we three candidates for the BART District 9 seat on the board of directors, met at Kate's Kitchen on Haight Street for some food, campaign chatting and a good number of laughs.

Just getting to know each other was on the menu for Gwyneth Borden, Bevan Dufty and myself.

I nudged us last week to get together and to also consider agreeing to sign a positive campaign pledge, with everyone focused on BART matters. Avoiding personal attacks or negative campaigning, but still differentiating our views from opponents.

Bevan circulated a generic pledge from a good government, Gwyneth is not at all opposed to the idea and is still catching her breath having tossed her chapeau into the race barely a week ago. I'm on board, committed to the pledge for the duration of the campaign.

We smiled for a group photo in front of the cafe, a good time was had by all and thus began the official start of the BART D9 race. Only 77 days until Election Day.

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