Sunday, August 28, 2016

BART: Sanitize 24th St Entrance: Pigeon Poop = Disease!

This video captures the incredibly unhealthy situation at the eastern entrance to BART's 24th Street station in the Mission, which is part of the District 9 seat I am running for.

After inspecting the areas at the top of the entrance where BART riders put their hands, risking contagion with diseases in the layers of pigeon poop encrusted on surfaces, I'm calling on BART leaders to immediately deal with this public health menace.

Serious pigeon abatement is needed now at this location. It is not ok pigeons are nesting on both sides of the entrance and the spiked wires along the fence top on the edge of the BART plaza are so worn down the birds roost there.

I believe the BART D9 incumbent director, Tom Radulovich, must take responsibility for the conditions at the 24th Street station, which are quite deplorable.

If elected, I promise to routinely inspect this station and all of them in District 9 to make sure BART is properly maintaining best practices regarding sanitation. This post and video have been emailed to various BART officials. I'll keep you posted on their actions to address my concerns.

Do you agree BART must send a cleaning crew to power-wash the bird poop off the entrance?

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gabriel proo said...

Most BART stations are filthy outside the paid areas. Check out Civic Center Staition