Sunday, August 14, 2016

BART's 16th St. Station Signs Need Lights; My Trip to BAMPFA

The platform at BART's 16th Street station in the Mission has nearly impossible-to-read signage indicating what station it is.

I used BART to get to the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive yesterday for two films. Finally saw Max Ophuls' opulent "From Mayerling to Sarajevo" and Alfred Hitchcock's classic man-on-the-run "North by Northwest" in a theater. Don't think I've has the pleasure of seeing it with an audience and what a pleasure it was to see all the masterful set pieces with Cary Grant on 35mm film.

If you can read the 16th and Mission sign directly over my head, you've got fantastic eyesight. The ad behind my thumb is well-lighted and I'd like BART management to install lighting that illuminates the station's signs equal to ads on the walls or station-stop signage above the ads.

Standing outside the entrance to the Downtown Berkeley station, for a photo-op flashing the peace sign and enjoying the East Bay sunshine.

Speaking of signage, I heartily approve of this promotional banner adorning the facade of BAMPFA on Center Street and the title of the "Cinema Mon Amour" series, not to mention the black-and-white image, perfectly entices folks to visit the film archive.

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Rusty said...

It will be great to have you as a BART director -- a director who really cares about the condition of the system, and who pays close attention to details.