Monday, August 08, 2016

BAR, Chronicle, Mercury News: Petrelis Runs for BART Board

Three regional newspapers made mention of my candidacy for the BART board of directors District 9 seat last week, bringing a robust dose of media attention. All noted that the incumbent of almost twenty-years, openly gay urban policy analyst Tom Radulovich, has decided to retire and not seek reelection.

As of this writing, I am the only ballot-qualified candidate but my friend longtime out LGBT politician Bevan Dufty has filed papers and out bisexual Lisa Feldstein, a former City planning commissioner, is also interest in the BART seat but hasn't pulled documents at the Department of Elections.

The qualifying deadline for this race is August 17 and I expect there will be five folks vying for the seat, just a gut feeling I have.

Excerpted from the Bay Area Reporter story of August 4, 
written by Matthew Bajko.

Here is what JK Dineen of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote on August 1.

Screengrab of what appeared in the San Jose Mercury News article of August 3, from reporter Erin Baldassari.

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