Friday, February 05, 2016

Wiener's Biggest Senate Donor is Castro Blight King Natali

The merchants of San Francisco's gayborhood are frequently bemoaning LGBT business owner Les Natali for his many empty storefronts, especially the long-for-lease old Patio venue on Castro Street.

In early September 2015, I blogged about Natali's donations to state senator Mark Leno, Supervisor David Campos and Scott Wiener's campaign for a Democratic County Central Committee seat and his 2014 reelection effort.

A few days after my post went up, Natali become what I believe is Wiener's largest individual donor to his campaign to succeed Leno in Sacramento.

A search today at the California Secretary of State's election finance page shows that on 9/11/2015, Natali gave a whopping $8,400 to Wiener's senate campaign.

If there's someone else who's equaled the Natali donations, I didn't see that info at the SoS's site, and if you know otherwise, lemme know and I'll amend this post.

Do these donations accepted by the Supervisor of the Castro show he puts getting elected to higher office above addressing the blight of empty businesses owned by Natali?

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