Monday, February 15, 2016

City Atty: Mario Woods Killing on Cop Commission Agenda?

After a complaint is lodged with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force alleging a violation in open govt laws and it's accepted for processing, the City Attorney weighs in on legal questions.

In the matter of my complaint being heard tomorrow, in which I allege the police commission's January 6th agenda omitted the murder of Mario Woods as agendized, yet the police chief and commissioners debated the killing most substantively, deputy city attorney Jerry Threet responds for the City.

Supporting documents including Threet's full response are online. He asks:

"In other words, would a person of average intelligence and education, who was interested in the police killing of Mario Woods and its aftermath, be alerted by the agenda description in question that he or she may have reason to attend the Police Commission meetings or seek more information on the items?"

Here's the pertinent section of the January 6th meeting. The name Mario Woods is absent. It's time for the San Francisco Police Commission to formally agendize the killing of this young black man.

The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, and representatives of the SFPD and commission who will be in attendance, considers the City Attorney's question tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16 at 4 pm in Room 408 at City Hall.

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