Monday, February 22, 2016

'Gascon = Corruption' Zap Expose's DA's PR Stunt Panel

Put this at the forefront of your understanding of what California attorney general wannabe George Gascon is up to with his ridiculously named SFPD cop accountability panel: it's all a PR stunt to burnish his image.

Such pretension of grand justice: the Blue Ribbon Panel on Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness in Law Enforcement.

The panel was created by Gascon, he picked the director from PolicyLink, a progressive nonprofit with four offices across the country including Oakland, he selected the three retired judges on the panel, the agenda is set by Gascon and his panel behind closed doors.

From the police commission, with its regular meetings at City Hall and unofficial listening sessions, the establishment of a joint task force between the Dept of Justice and the SFPD, which will soon hold hearings, and the three meetings of Gascon's PR panel, we're fed a diet of Law Enforcement Inc activity that we think is taking into account community demands for policing changes.

But it's all window dressing for the decisions that the Mayor and his cronies created without any public hearings, announced today at City Hall and additional new strategies like stun guns for cops.

There hasn't been a single vote at the too-close-to-the-brass-for-comfort police commission since Mario Woods was killed by the cops on December 2, yet commissioners are all over the Law Enforcement Inc activity map, giving their implicit approval to what the Mayor announced today. More blather.

This video was shot around 2:30 pm on February 22 at the main branch of the public library.

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