Monday, February 15, 2016

SOTF Hearing on 2/16: Police Agendas Omit Mario Woods Killing

On December 2, a young black male named Mario Woods was murdered by members of the San Francisco police force in a hail of 20 bullets. He was surrounded by firing squad and at the time of his death didn't possess a firearm. Videos of him moments before he died, show him with his hands down at his hips.

Since then, the police commission has omitted his killing from their agendas. Not once does the name Mario Woods appear on the advance agendas of the six meetings held since early December.

The commission and Chief of Police Greg Suhr think it's alright to simply say their reports are about recent activities with no specifics. The quartet of excerpted recent agendas, above, proves my point.

Too often, I show up for hearings and the reports, always presented verbally and never in writing, seem to be whatever pops into their minds of the commission president and chief. That is no way to run an effective and accountable law enforcement body.

Yes, the Woods killing has been discussed at the commission hearings but that is no excuse for the commissioners to not formally agendize his death and the subsequent fallout and controversy.

The omission of Woods' death is the basis for my complaint before the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16 at 4 pm, the SOTF's compliance committee will consider my complaint in Room 408 at City Hall.

If you're not satisfied with how the police commission can't formally put the Mario Woods death-by-cops matter on their agenda and want to improve how their meetings are conducted and what is debated, please show up at tomorrow's SOTF hearing and speak up for change.

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