Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peter Greene, Longterm SF Castro AIDS Survivor, Has Died

(Photo credit: Suri Staver,

This past Tuesday, I met up with Erin Allday from the SF Chronicle's medical desk to chat about her upcoming package of stories about longterm gay HIV poz men in the Bay Area. One man she's profiling is Peter Greene, a friend and object of masculine lust for myself and a lotta other queer dudes and totally charming fella.

Today I visited his Now Voyager travel agency storefront in the Castro, wrote him a note of affection and love, slipped it into his mailbox slot then asked neighbors where he was.

Peter apparently passed away yesterday from internal bleeding brought on by a tumor that couldn't be stanched. I was told he didn't live long after getting to the hospital.

The news hit me hard, losing another queer poz brother. Been thinking about the good times when my life-path crossed Peter's, his battles with his various demons, losing his friend and business partner Jonathan Klein to suicide, and saluting him for keeping the travel agency going.

(Photo credit: Unknown, Bear Magazine, early 1990s.)

Peter's iconic erotica gave much sexual healing to his brothers, during the darkest crap that was AIDS in the plague years, helping us to survive and die with dignity.

Rest in peace, my friend. You earned it. Glad to have known you, Peter Greene!


Sandra O'Neill said...

Will there be a Funeral or Memorial Service for Peter? Please let us know. He was my brother's dear friend

Please call Laura Sharp 816-853-6645, e-mail is

Sandra Sharp O'Neill sister of Barry Sharp 503-224-8958, e-mail

Michael Petrelis said...

The Bay Area Reporter is writing a story about Peter and I'm hoping it will contain info about a service to celebrate his life and legacy.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the death of Peter Greene. Like thousands of others, we have been forced out of the San Francisco housing and business market. Peters story was not unique by any means. Many gay men have relocated to Palm Springs and enjoy a good life there. Peter tortured himself (and others )about his plight rather than except reality. He was never Mr. friendly. I avoided him in the coffee shop because he was self absorbed. I don't know why the B A R has continued to cover his situation. His business was failing before Johnathan passed. A failing business and simply and Ellis Act evection. One must except things they cannot change. By doing this you are able to help others. Peter Greene RIP