Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SF Chronicle Editor Fellates Willie Brown 4 Times on 1 Day

Truly independent and balanced journalism is dead at the San Francisco Chronicle and one need look no further than then the Sunday, February 21st edition for proof of deep bias and favoritism at the paper.

No, I'm not referring to columnist C.W. Nevius' continuous stenography services for Scott Wiener, but that is one more example of the low journalism standards of the Hearst-owned publication.

The editor, Audrey Cooper, fancies herself "independent in all things" according to her Twitter profile but when it comes to power-broker and ethically-challenged former mayor Willie Brown, a columnist for her rag, she's a co-opted journalist.

In his latest weekly love-letter to himself and assorted pals, Brown brags about using the Department of Public Works to house down the homeless on City sidewalks in early morning hours, when he was mayor. Cooper's blow job number one on Brown this week.

On the same day, political gossips Matier & Ross followed Cooper's lead and performed oral sex on Brown, allowing him to opine about a recently deceased friend. This is blow job number two by Cooper.

The Style Section's society columnist, Catherine Bigelow, sucked Brown's dick on Sunday and conveniently omitted his status as a Chronicle writer and called a "civic mastermind." Blow job number three from editor Cooper.

Not content with just text about Brown's latest collaboration with social matron Charlotte Shultz, there was also a photo of them with Tony Bennett accompanying the piece. Cooper's fourth fellating of Brown.

You don't have to dig deep to find political favoritism in Audrey Cooper's SF Chronicle.


gabriel proo said...

Back in the 80's my neighbor and activist, Arthur Evans would refer to the paper as the "Chronic". We never imagined that the Chronicle could get so much worse. I can only imagine what the future holds. Maybe it is time for it to go away.

Rusty said...

I think it would be wise to make it clear that you are using the terms "fellate" and "blow job" rhetorically.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on some of your recent posts. I want to commend you for being possibly the only gay person in the gay blogosphere and the gay media to report on the LGBTQ Task Force's IRS filings. Their last filings show really disastrous results. Nevertheless, as the filings show, however, the Task Force still found $10,000 to award to Rea Carey as a bonus.

The filings also show that the Task Force, which touts itself as a grass-roots organization, lacks a broad grass-roots donor base. In fact, the Task Force, like some sort of sleazy super-PAC or like NOM, relies on a small number of secret, wealthy donors. If you look at pg 19 of the Task Force's 990, you see that it gets 2/3 of its contributions from just 6 wealthy people, whose names are not disclosed.

Michael, I hope you will follow up with them and get their filings. It seems that they really don't want them public. They didn't ask for an extension in prior years, but for some reason, they requested one this year. Perhaps they wanted the filing to come out after their conference ended. Well, the extension period is over. They said that they would file on or before February 15. That date has come and gone and their filings are not on the website. Here's a chance for Petrelis Files to scoop the rest of the gay media once again. I look forward to reading any updates. (BTW, if/when you contact them, please remember to request the filings for *both* the LGBTQ Task Force Foundation and the LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund.) Good luck and congrats on the excellent work!