Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Woof #100: Boys, Beards & Beef

I'm feeling so good about hitting the milestone of one-hundred posts in this series of handsome men of all sexual persuasions, featured either in photos or videos. A few words about the dudes in this edition.

My friend Bobby works at DeLessio's Cafe on Market and Valencia Streets and he can always crack me up. The snippets of my dear queer pal Todd, who giggled so sweetly before I hit the record button, and the handsome homo couple celebrating an important anniversary, were shot at this fine cafe.

Coffee-grinder Philip spoke in weird tones and after I stopped recording told me he was goofing on my speech pattern. Tom, the bear filmed at night, gave great hugs and mentioned he's seen me around and read about me for years, and was happy to meet me. Glad the camera wasn't filming me blush.

The last furry fella is Allen, who proclaimed his straightness and happily accepted the cruising and flirting of my friend Patrick, alias Uppity Fag, made two queens giddy with his sweet friendliness. I slipped him my Write-In Petrelis for Mayor 2015 business card and hope I earned his vote.

A loud thank you to all the men and boys who have made 100 versions of Weekend Woof possible. Enjoy!

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