Sunday, May 31, 2015

SF Mayor Lee's Homeless Center = 'Mission Accomplished'?

There's a banner at San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's homeless Navigation Center's entrance on Mission near 16th Street reading "Street to Home" and it reminded me of President George W. Bush's banner "Mission Accomplished" regarding alleged peace and democracy in Iraq.

It takes more than colorful signage with minimal wording to convince me a politician and his policies are actually solving a problem.

Check out this video that shows San Francisco's mayor hasn't exactly delivered on his promise of moving homeless folks from the street into a home:

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Veronika Fimbres said...

Great film footage! I knew where every place was by the landscape! They need to put the benched back at Geary and Fillmore? What about disabled folks like me, who can't stand and need to sit? Put those benches back!