Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two 420 Compassionate Use Vapes Donated to Me

After chatting with my physician about using smokeable medical marijuana and my longstanding diminished respiratory functions in recent months, we agreed I would investigate using a vaporizer product as the best harm-reduction way of receiving 420 benefits. This person living with AIDS has need for herb.

Two months ago, I snailed-mailed a letter requesting a compassionate use vape to a dozen San Francisco medical marijuana dispensaries, explaining my medical condition and low budget. I also told lots of friends about this effort to see if a compassionate use program existed either at the clubs or through the manufacturers directly.

My thinking was that lots of pot heads have vapes they're not utilizing just sitting in a closet, so maybe there was an informal network that accepted donated vapes to pass along for compassionate use needs.

The Love Shack left vmail explaining they couldn't assist me and suggested I contact a nearby vape shop on Guerrero, one I had already visited asking if the shop had a compassionate program and they didn't.

My friend Elaine over the weekend gave me her never used battery-operated vape in a wooden case that I load with my fave 420 product, along with a recharger, glass stem for inhaling and brush for cleaning purposes.

I also heard from the Green Door on Howard Street and they agreed to give me a vape if I would visit their emporium. Yesterday, I did exactly that was given an already loaded vape pen with a price tag of $55 on it and thanked the young furry fella at the reception desk for the gift.

When I tried this vape with Mike looking on, I inhaled and watched little red lights flash at the tip then got a whiff of an unpleasant chemmy smell. Didn't like the taste of what I sucked in, but I'll try it again and know this will not become my method of 420 smoke delivery. I want control over that I put in my vape and a vape that is reusable.

I'll regift the vape pen to someone who'll appreciate it and put it to good use. Meanwhile, here's an idea for the billionaire dollar pot industry and vape manufacturers. Develop a patient assistance program (PAP) and better meet the needs of low and moderate income patients.

Vape products and my Write-In Petrelis for Mayor campaign card.

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