Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Recology's Hydrant Accident Wastes Water on SF Street

While looking out our front windows a bit before 10 am today, I saw a geyser of water gushing up high into the tall trees on the parklet area of the Saint Francis of Assisi Assisted Living Center up our block. Behind the thick plumes of thousands of gallons of precious water was the Recology truck half on the sidewalk. 

I ran outside with my camera and shot this video. Calls from others to 911 were made and it took more than ten, possibly fifteen, minutes before we saw San Francisco Fire Fighters show up to turn off the hydrant.

There is never enough water to waste and so many of my neighbors and passers-by expressed the same sentiment. What a shame in the middle of this horrible drought to see water going down the drain like this. By the way, today's episode is not the first time that hydrant has been busted by a truck. Here's my video:

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