Thursday, May 14, 2015

SF BART Plaza's Lack of Elevator Signage = ADA Violation

For a number of years, I've assisted folks in wheelchairs at the two BART Station plazas at 16th and Mission Streets locate the elevator to take them down to the trains, when I've seen them at the top of the stairs looking for appropriate signage as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act directing them to the elevator.

If you're a disabled person in a wheelchair or someone who can't walk down or up steep stairs, or otherwise need to use an elevator to access BART's public transportation system, you should have plenty signage indicating where the elevator is situated and signage should be in English and Spanish.

What troubles many disabled new users to the 16th Street plazas looking to access a train, especially at the plaza abutting a Wells Fargo branch, is that when they look across the Mission and 16th intersection toward the other plaza where the elevator is located, it's impossible to discern through all the wires and cables and street furniture and other things obscuring the view that the elevator is housed in a colored glass and sheet rock tower.

This video was created a few days ago, as part of my write-in candidacy for mayor in November's election, at the BART plazas that I use most frequently and serves as my complaint to the BART managers and directors. In particular, I urge the elected board director responsible for all issues at the 16th Street plazas, progressive and LGBT leader Tom Radulovich, to immediately address improving elevator access at the plazas.

All persons who have need of the elevator at these heavily-used BART plazas in San Francisco's Mission district, should always have highly-visible signs and directional arrows points them toward the elevator. Stay tuned for developments as I pursue this ADA complaint with BART.

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