Monday, September 30, 2013

Why 2013 Was the Best. Folsom. Street. Fair. EVER. 

T'is the day after San Francisco's 30th anniversary edition of the leather and kink Folsom Street Fair, and there are a few reasons why it was the best ever. Let's go over all that was fine yesterday South of Market.

Under the dynamic and responsive leadership of fair director Demetri Moshoyannis, all volunteers at the gates were pleasant and kept throngs moving beyond the entrance gates a good pace.

The musical stages with their booming speakers were on the fringes of the festival grounds, so folks not into that loud music scene such as myself could either quickly walk past or avoid them altogether. This meant that the overwhelming areas of the fair were places where we could hold chats, ask people to strike certain poses for the multitude of cameras, hear butts get spanked and the laughter from folks seeing a rainbow burka.

We were granted an official extra thirty-minutes at the end of the day, to mark the 30th anniversary, and as like in 2012, there were no loud whistles blown by the volunteer clean up crews. Instead, with the crowd naturally thinning out at 6:30 pm and the music turned off, the crews went about their business collecting the plastic cups and bottles. The fun and fabulousness ended on a much-welcomed groovy vibe.

At 7:15 pm, as I strolled back to my bicycle, most of the booths were disassembled and I heard several guys talk about their pleasures of the day.

The combination of professional and community-minded staff, board and volunteer leadership of the Folsom Street Events nonprofit that puts on the Dore and Folsom fairs, quite a bit of public oral sex, the wonderful attendees having a simply super time, that ever-present cloud of marijuana aroma, an accommodating music policy, along with the extra thirty-to-forty extra minutes without loud whistles, all made for the Best. Folsom. Street. Fair. Ever.

Enjoy the photos!

Plenty of chunky and hunk guys showed up, and many with their shirts off.

A number of gingers caught my eye.

(Pay no attention to the dudes on the left of his hand holding the camera.)

Attractive men everywhere, ok, a few women too, had cameras in hand. A camera is more of an accessory these days than any leather or fetish wear.

Assorted sexy dudes in various outfits that caught my queer eye.

A few photos of yours truly in my rainbow burka. All photos are mine, except for the last one here with the bald leather boy with his cup of beer which is from the popular 24 Gay site in France.

A gratuitous photo of a young hunk with well-developed pecs and half-dollar sized nipples, snapped by my friend Bill Wilson. Check out all of his images from the fair at his site.

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