Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Are Putin and Gay Alexeyev Blood Relatives?

Curious that in photographic evidence, there is a strong similarity between nutty Nikolai Alexeyev, the gay egomaniac anti-Semite and founder of Moscow Pride, and Russia's autocratic ruler Vladimir Putin.

Both are known for going shirtless and posing in the wild, displaying how vim and virile they are.

Like Alexeyev seen in the top photo with iconic Americans in colorful costumes, Putin also enjoys the company of iconic people in funny-looking clothes.

Each will happily don a militaristic cap with an insignia in the center when appearing before the cameras.

Then there's also their pleasure meeting-and-greeting either a famous Korean-American or North Korean dictator.

When it comes to Mother Nature's fine flying friends, Alexeyev and Putin are birds of a feather who flock together.

Get either one near a man in a uniform and they're soon shaking hands with the police officer or soldier and smiling for photographers.

When addressing the press, Alexeyev and Putin are known for spreading their fingers to make a point or two.

Do you think their receding forehead hairlines look very much alike? How about that look of skepticism each has perfected?

Again, we see Alexeyev and Putin employ almost identical hand gestures during press conferences to articulate their views.

Could they be blood relatives? What say you?

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