Sunday, September 08, 2013

Bell's Palsy Update: Itching and Twitching

Much good has happened for me since I wrote last Saturday, August 31, about the status of my Bell's palsy diagnosis, and here's the latest news.

A few hours after posting that update, Mike and I played Scrabble and during the game my paralyzed eyebrow itched for a few moments. It was a lovely sensation and mentioned it to Mike, then scratched the eyebrow and had more moments of sensation. A small thing, that meant a healthy big development.

Since last weekend, except for Sunday, I've had at least one daily appointment with once of my chiropractors or acupuncturists, with a Reiki session thrown into the recovery mix. I took care of my spiritual needs on Sunday and enjoyed a day without an appointment to keep.

On Labor Day, bonecrusher Dr. Andy Lesko was open and I had two adjustments with him. Tuesday was packed, starting with another adjustment in the morning then off to an acupuncture treatment in the afternoon before receiving Reiki healing energy in the evening.

My follow up appointment with Dr. Toby Dyner was on Wednesday, in between an adjustment and more acupuncture, and she saw only improvements with my paralysis and over all wellness. She commented on the minimal return of wrinkles on my forehead. Yah! Next appointment with her is two weeks down the road.

As you see, the eyelids were noticeably apart in mid week as I was receiving acupuncture and my partner Mike and I agree the eyelids come closer together this weekend.

The last three days were full of back and neck popping, needles pricking my face with small bolts of e-stim pulsing into my skin. Quite a bit of twitching in my lower lip and that feeling in my cheek like novacaine wearing off.

Some observations. The speech impediment, especially the difficulty with P words, noticeably diminished by mid week and my acupuncturists and I heard the immediate improvement after the needles did their tricks. Self massage of my face, pushing open my nostril for better breathing and keeping my mouth hydrated with a saliva-inducing spray have become habits.

Every time someone said "we" when talking about dealing with the Bell's palsy condition and restoring the muscle and body functions, it was like they were taking a small piece of my burden off my very sore and knotted shoulders, and carrying this burden with me.

With this health scare bringing worries, I received my seasonal flu shot last weekend. I'm finishing the prednisone steroid regimen early next week and continuing the increased dosing of acyclovir, mixed in with my cocktail of AIDS meds.

In my view, the drugs, alternative healing work, self-care, the natural course of Bell's palsy, and the love and prayers of folks are ALL factors in regaining my wellness. Previous posts about BP are here and here.

Feels great to be alive!

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