Tuesday, July 03, 2012

WaPo: Alec Baldwin Once
Dated CNN's Hilary Rosen

How unfortunate for Alec, and how lucky for Hilary. They were once an item back in their college days.

Was she a heterosexual until graduation, experimenting with that lifestyle and getting it on with men? Whatever. She eventually got in touch with her lesbian attractions, come out of the closet and became a leader of the Human Rights Campaign, among other gigs in Washington.

Was he a BMOC, big man on campus? I've heard speculation about his endowment from his legions of gay fans and empathize with them and their desires for him. Whatever. He must have been quite the fun guy to be around back then, before going on to his acting career.

I'm no fan of Rosen and her leadership of HRC was she was the domineering force across the organization when she was on their board of directors, and had them hire her then-girlfriend Elizabeth Birch as the executive director. Now providing punditry mainly for CNN, Rosen always has the Democratic National Committee's interests in her sights and in the past put gay rights on the back burner to keep party bosses happy.

Count me among Baldwin's fans, even if I don't watch "30 Rock" as religiously as Big Mike does, I find Baldwin quite appealing to my queer eye. Speaking of queer things, his latest wife is named Hilaria. How hilarious is that? Very.

From today's Reliable Source column in the Washington Post written by Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger:

Just when you think you know everything about Alec Baldwin — everyone’s favorite Emmy-winning, self-mocking, paparazzi-shoving, celebvocating A-list newlywed of the moment — suddenly you get walloped by a new revelation: Did you know that he and Hilary Rosen dated in college? [...]

We learn this via a passing reference in Vanity Fair’s new cover story: How he and the veteran Democratic operative/pundit lived across the hall from each other at George Washington University’s Thurston Hall, and, oh yeah, dated. 

“He was passionate about politics,” Rosen [...] told the magazine. “He was funny — and I won’t say he was lighthearted, because he was always ambitious; he always wanted to have an impact and be in the thick of things.” Wow, who knew? 

[Rosen told us in an email that he] "is better off with [new bride] Hilaria. Very happy for him!”

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