Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FBI Unsure If There's 
a File on Andy Griffith

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's turnaround time for letting me know they've searched their archive for records responsive to a given Freedom of Information Act request has vastly improved.

In less than a few weeks since actor Andy Griffith passed away on July 3 and the FBI received my FOIA request, I learned that they searched the indices of their Central Records System and may have located responsive records.

However, the July 23 letter states "Since these records were not reviewed, it is not known if they are actually responsive to your request. If you wish to review these potentially responsive records send your request to [the National Archives and Records Administration]."

I find it quite odd that the FBI does not look at records before they are transferred to the National Archives, and I would expect this agency to keep meticulous records about the content of the records. At least we know the records weren't destroyed.

My request to the National Archives to review records that may pertain Griffith was snail mailed last week. Let's see how long it takes for that agency to reply, and how they will allow me to review the records without traveling to Washington.

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