Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fur, Fetish, Frenzy, Fotos: 
Best Dore Alley Party Ever 

The small things made the 2012 edition of the Dore Alley Fair the best ever for me. Great people of all shapes, colors and ages, displaying all fine sorts of fetishes, enjoying their exhibitionism or voyeurism, just the right group mood altering buzz enveloping the crowd and a welcome abundance of simple friendliness. All those little ingredients combined to create a fabulous street fair of frenzy and fun.

Each time someone accidentally bumped me, they apologized with sincerity and wished me "Happy Dor-Ay!" No bawling kids and very few canine dogs. Ample space and no crush of lookey-lous cluttering up the pavement.

Officially known as Up Your Alley, this fetish event had several pockets of public sex scenes - golden showers and sucking scenes galore - and music at a moderate volume. What's not to like?

A big round of thanks and cheers to the crew at Folsom Street Events for a wonderful time today!

Most perverse drag - a business suit and tie.

Best tattooed mature furry muscle dude.

Furriest beard on a smiling man.

Biggest black cockman happily posed for pix. Due to Blogger's TOS I can't show you his third-leg.

Sexiest and happiest baby dykes in bow ties.

 Young furry guys.

Should we declare him the toughest-looking ginger bear of the day?

Pixie boy showing off his colorful arm jewelry and lion cub backpack.

Dudes who caught my eye. And how was your Dore Alley this year?

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