Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NYT's Sulzberger Jr
Gave to Gun Control Group: Bravo!

(Arthur Sulzberger Jr at a digital life conference in Europe last year. Credit: Miguel Villagran, Getty Image.) 

Back in 2004, I conducted a survey of New York Times employees and Sulzberger family members and their donations to federal candidates and political action committees. Among the donations was a $500 gift in 1999 from Arthur Sulzberger Jr to Handgun Control Inc, now known as the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

I thought about that donation this week, as America grapples with the senseless deaths and carnage in a movie theater in Colorado last week, and the ease with which the accused gunman acquired weapons and ammo. I am proud of my $50 contribution in the 1990s to the same gun control group that Sulzberger gave to.

(Screengrab from

Today, I asked NYT spokesperson Eileen Murphy about that 1999 donation from Sulzberger Jr and if he would consider making an additional contribution. Her reply:

I checked in with Arthur on this. Yes, in [1999], in response to a request for a memorial gift in honor of someone who had died, he made this donation to the Handgun Control Voter Education Guide. However, as a general rule, he does not make donations to political organizations. 

Curious to learn if the donation was because the person he was honoring died from gun violence, my follow up question brought this reply from Murphy:

It was a memorial gift, that’s all I can say.

Speaking as a Times reader and gun control advocate, I have this to say. Bravo, Arthur, for the donation!

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