Friday, November 06, 2015

SF Election Dept: No Write-In Tally 2-Days After Voting

Friends and family have asked how many write-in votes I got in the mayoral race. On Twitter, my critics have crowed that, based on info from the San Francisco Election Department, I didn't vote for myself because the department's site shows zeroes for all write-in candidates.

Yes, two-days after only 30% of registered voters cast ballots, the department was unable to produce a breakdown of the 453 write-ins cast in the mayoral race.

Why can't the San Francisco Election Department count and release the tally of a few hundred write-ins, in two-and-half-days?

I've emailed and left vmail for department chief John Arntz, seeking answers about this ridiculous delay and when his staff will finally have counted the write-ins. When he gets back to me, I'll share his reply.

The latest numbers, maybe even for write-ins, will be released today, Friday, November 6, at 4 pm both at City Hall and online. Will the department finally provide voters and the public with the write-in figures?

Finally, big congrats to the alternative on-ballot candidates who received 43% of the vote!

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vcdiva said...

I was a write in candidate and had three votes that I know of, yet my name isn't even on the ballot as write-ins with my 3 vote tally! Why?