Sunday, November 01, 2015


DPH, Rec & Parks Clueless: Why is SF Mission Park Closed?

Since Wednesday, October 28, I've emailed the Department of Public Health for info about why the 24th and York Streets mini park is closed. Phone calls to the listed DPH number on the closed noticed have not been returned.

Various replies over three days from DPH: "We will follow up on this question and get back to you . . . The Rec and Park Department has more information and will be responding to you shortly to explain the closure of 24th and York mini park . . . They will contact you, but if you don’t hear back from them today, let me know."

Here's the word from Rec and Parks today: "I have passed this on to the area manager who will be in touch."

Anyone near the mini park have a clue as to why it's closed, when it was no longer available for public use and when it might reopen?

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