Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wells Fargo Presents 'Her HRC'
in Oakland, Feb 12: Protest Anyone?

The gay Democrats at the Human Rights Campaign continue to solidify their cozy partnerships with corrupt financial institutions that have brought about tremendous economic misery, all in the name of equality, while completely overlooking how big banks have harmed LGBT and straight people equally.

HRC for decades has sucked up to Corporate America and their avarice for new funding streams makes for a perfectly despicable relationship between HRC's gay backers and the likes of Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo.

Some crumbs are tossed into the HRC coffers, while the banking giants reap millions of bucks in good p.r. and warm fuzzies for embracing an idea of equality that ignores the plight of economically distressed LGBT Americans. It's win-win situation for the banks and HRC, but a lose-lose proposition forced upon ordinary gays who don't want to be in bed with bankers ruining the lives of many.

Throughout this month Well Fargo is presenting several Her HRC events around the country and on February 12, the San Francisco Bay Area event takes place at the White Horse Inn over in Oakland. If anyone organizes a protest at this or any other Her HRC fundraiser, let me know the details.

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