Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bare Muscle Erotic Star Shows
Castro's Nudity Crackdown Failed

What was the point of Super-Nanny Scott Wiener's crackdown last year against nude folks parading around the Castro?

Recall, without holding a public meeting in the district before launching a legislative effort to have nudists do what they were doing anyway and cover their butts before sitting down in a cafe or bar, Wiener polarized the community to show he was doing something, anything, to appease the anti-nudist forces. It was all a waste of oxygen and energy from the supervisor.

I'm not one to say only folks with porn star bodies should be disrobing and walking around. The point of many nudists is that all of our bodies are wonderful creations and everyone should be comfortable getting bare in the streets.

However, over at Queer Porn Nation, a very NSFW site, photos and a report on erotic muscle boy Marc Dylan strolling about the 'hood in his birthday suit last weekend, is generating loads of support for nudity on the streets of San Francisco.

Thank you, Dylan, and all the regular Castro nudists, for doing your part to show proud nudists are not only doing their part to promote bare bodies in public.

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