Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Eastwood's FEC File:
$2,300 for McCain, Zero for Obama

On Sunday, while millions were watching the Super Bowl and all the commercials during the game, I was at the Jewish Community Center watching the documentary "Shoah", so I missed the controversial Chrysler ad narrated by Clint Eastwood. He also appears in it.

As the firestorm rages for a third day, I finally looked at the two-minute spot. It's quite effective at manipulating emotions and raising hopes, and I see why Republican voters and Karl Rove hate the commercial. Good for them, bringing extra attention and debate to the ad, the bailout we taxpayers provided to the auto industry and the wobbly American economy.

What I want to toss into the mix is the fact that in 2008, according to Federal Election Commission records, Eastwood made only one donation. It was for $2,300 and went to John McCain. Eastwood gave nothing to Barack Obama.

And in 2004, Eastwood donated $250 to his cousin Randy Eastwood, a losing Republican candidate for Congress from Washington.

Whatever Chrysler paid to air the spot during the Super Bowl, they've reaped millions of dollars' worth of additional free publicity. Let's see what kind of commercials they put on TV between now and November's election, and how pundits and the public react.

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