Saturday, October 01, 2011

SF Chronicle Alters NYT Obit
on Arthur Evans for 'Longtime Friend'

(Arthur Evans. Credit: Jeffrey Schwarz, Automat Picutres.)

Last month I kvetched about the New York Times' obituary for my friend the late gay pioneer and writer Arthur Evans, because it omitted his longtime best friend Hal Offen as among the survivors.

Check out this screen grab from the Times:

Today's San Francisco Chronicle finally got around to covering Arthur's passing, and instead of doing any new reporting, his hometown paper ran most of the Times' obituary with a significant change regarding survivors:

Let's forgive the Chronicle for omitting a note explaining they amended the original Times reporting, because they properly list Hal Offen as Arthur's surviving longtime friend, a phrase I very much like.

And I want to thank the Chronicle for including details about the memorial service honoring Arthur's life and legacy. The celebration and memorial take place on Sunday, October 23, starting at 1 PM, at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center, located at 100 Collingwood Street in the Castro district.

I'll be there and expect to learn more about this fascinating man.

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