Monday, October 03, 2011

EQCA's Decision on 2012 Prop 8
Repeal Prop Coming This Week

Back in April, Equality California announced they were holding a series of town hall meetings about the state to discuss a ballot proposition in 2012 to repeal Prop 8, the measure that ended gay marriage in the state. Here's what they promised in their release about coming back to the community after the meetings took place:

Equality California will announce results of polling and analysis by Labor Day.

Well, Labor Day has come and gone and EQCA failed to announce those results and no alert was issued to the community about this failure and new details about when they would share the analysis with us.

At EQCA's marriage page, this promise to LGBT citizens of the Golden State:

We will make a decision about whether to go back to the ballot in 2012 by the end of September 2011.

I made a screen cap and of what was on the EQCA before calling them, ScrapBooked it too, just in case they pulled a sleazy ploy of changing the wording after hearing from me. Guess what? EQCA changed their wording:

How lame of them! Just one more reason this group cannot be trusted.

It's now the first week of October and EQCA again failed to keep their original promise to report back to the community by the end of September. These two failures, on top of all the other current problems with the group - no regular town halls, closed-door board meetings, tremendous resources diverted to galas and fundraising events, frayed relations with grassroots activists - don't bode well for them if they eventually decide to go for repeal in 2012.

I spoke with EQCA's spokeswoman Rebekah Orr this afternoon about these matters. She said, "The final board meeting about the decision is this week. There will be a decision by the end of the week."

Nice to get that info, but right now it's available on the EQCA site, showing yet again how far this group still has to go in terms of keeping the folks they claim to represent fully informed. Lack of information does so much damage to EQCA and it's a problem they desperately need to overcome.

Let's hope this week EQCA keeps its commitment to tell the community what they've decided about a Prop 8 repeal measure next year, and also finally get around to sharing that promised polling and analysis with us.

Regarding the coming decision, anyone care to wager money EQCA says no to a 2012 ballot measure attempt repealing Prop 8?

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