Monday, May 11, 2009

Straight GOP Blogger:

Holocaust of Iraqi LGBTs

[Solidarity Rally With LGBT Iraqis.
Sunday, May 17, Noon - 4 PM.
Harvey Milk Plaza, Castro and Market Streets
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Someone out in the blogosphere has declared the murder of LGBT Iraqis a holocaust, while also demanding action from President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the entire Congress. That person is a hard-right blowhard self-declared heterosexual who blogs over at Big Hollywood, named John T. Simpson.

In a May 8 post, framed by the argument that Ronald Reagan was more of a friend to LGBT citizens than Barack Obama, Simpson segues into a diatribe about the troubles and slayings of LGBT people in Iraq.

As irritating as some of Simpon's writing and rhetoric may be, he's saying some important things we ought to listen to. His heated words used to emanate from Queer Nation types, and, more cool comments about this subject might have come from professional homosexual advocates at HRC, NGLTF and GLAAD in the 1980s.

But now the m.o. is to basically keep a shut mouth about the atrocities faced by LGBT people in Iraq. Except for a damn straight GOP loud-mouth, stirring up the pot.

Let the public show that the first person to describe the LGBT situation in Iraq in 2009 as a holocaust was a heterosexual.

Well, let me step forward and express thanks to John T. Simpson for asking the troubling questions HRC, NGLTF and GLAAD are supremely uninterested in posing.

Choice excerpts from Simpson's post:

But even as a straight man, I am VERY concerned about the officially-sanctioned extermination of LGBTs in Iraq on our dime, what I now call the Gay Holocaust in Iraq. What else do you call a specifically targeted pogrom, with the express goal of exterminating a segment of the population? If this were merely a death squad issue, that would be matter for the Iraqi government.

Unfortunately, the Iraqi government is neck-deep in the gay butchery themselves. Interior Ministry police hunt down gays in Baghdad, raid parties, hunt them online by using fake foreign IP addresses (as Iran does), then tortures and exterminates them in the worst possible ways. Just as Iraqi Spiritual Leader Ali al-Sistani declared they should be, in his 2006 fatwa of death against Iraqi LGBTs. Though removed from his website after controversy, the fatwa is still in full effect.

Allow me at this point to question the spirituality of a religious leader favoring any pogrom, or stating that ANYONE should die in the ‘worst possible ways’.

Here is one former Mahdi Army member who now makes a career of being a gay death squad ’surgeon,’ cutting out the cancer of homosexuality the Americans brought with them to Iraq. His words, not mine. Also, one particularly subhuman technique of killing gays, now quite popular with Iraq’s most pious Shiite extremists, is to super-glue a gay man’s anus shut, pump him full of a diarrhea-inducing compound, and have a few laughs as the victim suffers unbelievable agony before dying. The Iraqi tribes also now have carte blanche to exterminate any Iraqi LGBTs they find.

Unfortunately, this Gay Holocaust of Iraqi LGBTs, which has already claimed nearly 500 innocent lives in the most gruesome of ways since the 2003 invasion, and is now ramping up in violence and horror by the day, enjoys wide public support in Islamic Iraq. ...

To be fair, this gay horrorshow started on President Bush’s watch. He should have done far more to nip it in the bud in 2006 after Sistani’s fatwa. In my mind, that will remain a black mark on his record. He should have put a stop to it, instead of letting it fester to the point it is today. All that said, this issue is now fully the Obama Administration’s and Congress’ problem lock, stock and barrel.

So where is President Obama? Secretary Clinton? Madame SOS said she would stand with ALL the Iraqi people! Where is she on this issue, so near and dear to gay hearts? Nothing on State’s main or Iraq pages. Even Queerty, a major gay blog, is slamming Hillary on this issue. How bad is that? Where is our Gay Rights Hero President on our American tax dollars subsidizing a Gay Holocaust? ...

And somebody wake up Perez Hilton. Bigger problem here than Miss California, methinks. See if she can’t get the Prop 8 crowd as rabid on the horrific slaughter of Iraqi and Iranian gays as they are with the Mormon Church and us!


Anonymous said...

The situation of gays in Iraq is very strange. I've been there several times, and, suprisingly, there is a actually a good deal of homosexual activity some of the Americans jokingly refer to as "man-love Thursday." Friday is the holy day, so apparently Thursday is the day to do bad things you will be absolved for, and homosexual activity spikes.

A lot of this activity is situational vs. inborn; access to single women isn't what it is in the West. But it adds an additional wrinkle when contemplating religious pogroms against gays, in addition to the plight of those who are born gay. Gay sex is much more common than one would think, given the culture.

Anonymous said...

"To be fair, this gay horror show started on President Bush’s watch."

Ah, yes. By all means, let's be fair.

Iraquis kill gays on Obama's watch and some straight Republican is the only one complaining but all this is Bush's fault, of course.

Why didn't I think of that?

It harkens back to the famous sign on Truman's desk. It must have read: "The Buck Stops with Bush!"

Anonymous said...

You're wasting your time. As another straight guy, there isn't a mainstream forum in the US that will host a conversation that poses tough political questions of The One. Remember, he was chosen by the mainstream to be TOTUS, so that won't criticize him, because that would mean that made a mistake. When was the last time you saw the old broken down gray poopbag admit it made a mistake? Spelling and grammar errors notwithstanding.

David Jacobson
Cleveland, OH

Anonymous said...

You have to understand, this isn't really about gays -- its about Infidels. Spend a little quality time reading about and understanding the Prime Directive of Islam. Infidels tolerated and taxed in Dhimmitude, or killed. Our culture finds it hard to believe this is really what they advocate, but believe it.

Gays are just target practice.

This is an existential conflict my friends. You better understand it in that context.

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, no one will touch this with a ten foot pole. Not one of your "allies" is going to come out and criticize Obama for this or make a big issue about it.. PERIOD.
The demographic that cares the most is already squarely in the Democrat camp, and wouldn't let a little thing like this stop them from kowtowing to the administration. The only ones who will speak up on this will be gay bloggers (the less well known ones mostly) and the libertarians (little 'l' some of which are Republicans). Simply put, Obama will not help gays. Your best move is to infiltrate the libertarian wing of the Republican party so that the Democrats have to actually treat you as swing voters instead of as guaranteed votes.

In short, so long as the democrats see you as a reliable non-apatheic voting block they will continue to use you and any sympathetic votes you have. In this instance the only way to make a difference is to rebel. However, if you do rebel because the gay voting block is relatively small, you need to do so loudly so that Democrats fear losing sympathetic votes.

paulocanning said...

You're right. That site is a key right-wing blog so it really helps this issue break out and - frankly - if the right use it to slam Obama that's one good way to actually get some action happening.

Very surprised that the Islamophobe sites haven't also picked it up (but then again ... you also have to slam the Iraqi government)

paulocanning said...

Huh? I live in the UK and have had numerous muslim friends who have no problem with gay people.

There exists a renaissance movement within Islam which includes tolerance/acceptance for muslims.

Those people need to be supported, not subsumed under an all-encompassing dismissal of 'all muslims hate gays'.