Friday, May 22, 2009

SF Chron: Obama in LA the Day After

CA Supremes Rule on Prop 8

Over at the San Francisco Chronicle's political blog, veteran reporter Carla Marinucci wrote yesterday that the president is coming to Southern California on Wednesday, which, as we now know, is the day after the state Supreme Court renders its decision on Prop 8.

I wonder how big a demonstration the LA gay community will organize in conjunction with Obama's appearance next week:

Just days after the California election highlighting the state's dire budget troubles, President Obama is making his second trip to the state -- to star in a $3 million fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the Democratic National Committee.

Wednesday's trip is Obama's first to the Hollywood vicinity. And the stars will be out: powerhouse singer Jennifer Hudson, the Oscar and Grammy winner, will perform along with Earth, Wind & Fire, says LA Observed.

The $30,400-per-couple event -- hey, who said the economy is in trouble? -- will be preceded by a $1,000-per-person ($2,500 VIP) reception, reports Wilshire & Washington, the Variety blog.

It's still not clear if Obama will do any public events in the Southland during his state stop; the White House says there's no information on that available yet.

I'm sure with the announcement this morning from the state Supremes that they're issuing their ruling early next week, the White House is factoring that, and the potential for large-scale LGBT street actions, into their decision about those public events.


Anonymous said...

Every person going to that fundraiser should have to pass through an angry picket line of LGBT activists. A really, really angry line. Whether we win or lose on Prop 8 -- it's time to start holding Barry accountable for his promises, the DNC too. I've had enough of being a team player, waiting my turn -- screw that.

DavidEhrenstein said...

The cops will keep the pickets away. FAR away. This is easily done wiht a building like the Beverly Hilton. Demonstrators will be lucky if they're allowed to stand on the corner of Santa Monica and Wilshire.