Monday, August 06, 2007

Gays Asked to Join Annual Biker Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota

Gay Americans continue to knock down barriers and find acceptance in some pretty unlikely places across the land.
For the first time ever, the gay community center of South Dakota will have a table at the Sturgis biker event in the Mount Rushmore state. Over the weekend I spoke with local gay leader Mike Coats, who told me about this step forward for gay South Dakotans and that the community center was invited to participate by an area bike shop.
The Gay Center West will have a booth at the Independent cycle tent at the top fifty rally venue in Piedmont. It is at Elk Vale Road, exit 46 on I-90 at Piedmont. The venue is open 10 AM until 7 PM from Sunday, August 5th through Saturday, August 11th. We will be passing out literature and soliciting donations. I've been told this is a first for the rally.
As if that bit of news isn't enough, friends of Coats report on their blog that this year's bike rally will see the second gay men's biker event.
The 2nd annual Gay Men's Biker Run is Wednesday, August 8th, 11 AM. Meet at Chute Roosters Restaurant and Bar in Hill City, SD. Entering Hill City from the north, Chute Rooster is on the left, as you enter town. We will be going to Rochford via Highway 385 and will lead for the run.
A link from Coats' blog leads to the official calendar of all events for the Sturgis biker rally, and it pleases my gay activist heart to see amid the list of Marine Corps, Christian and Alcoholics Anonymous functions, not to mention socials with Miss Sturgis, the gay men's bike rally is included. To me, this is tell-tale sign of advancement for all LGBT Americans and I extend deep thanks to the South Dakota gay community for their involvement with the Sturgis rally and related events.
The only thing troubling me about all this great news from our gay family in South Dakota is that there is word yet on a Dykes With Bikes rally. Let's hope the lesbians with hogs stage their own event and inform us of the details.
Oh, one final note, for those of us who find biker men attractive and sexy, Mike Coats promises lots of photos will be shared after all is said and done in Sturgis by the local gay community. Can't wait to see the pictures!


Anonymous said...

While this may be news in South Dakota, it's not news in Arkansas. Every year, the motorcycle clubs in Arkansas come together from all over the state to do a road trip to raise money for ACORN, an advocacy group based in Little Rock.

I personally know that for the past several years, Gay organizations in Little Rock and Fayetteville have had invitations extended to them to participate on the ride, either as riders or supporters. I know this becasue my family has worked with the organizers to extend the invitations.

However, none of the organizations invited have ever agreed to make "the run" or otherwise participate. One organization in Little Rock was concerned about damaging their image by hanging out with bikers (never mind that these biker clubs are made up of lawyers, doctors, pilots, and all kinds of other professionals). Its quite a comment on our community when organizations decline invitations to fundraisers by relying on negative sterrotypes.

I am glad, however, that the folks in South Dakota have chosen to accept the invitation and is willing to cross that bridge.

Anonymous said...

Michael, this comment is probably offtopic but I wanted to suggest that you add a forum or a message board to your blog.

Anyway, I read somewhere that the Democratic presidential candidates are planning to appear at an event sponsored by a gay organization in order to respond to questions about gay-related issues. Do you think any of them would be able to respond "yes" or "no" to the following question:

Is homophobia immoral?

Unknown said...

This makes me happy. South Dakota is my home state and I am proud that Sturgis is welcoming gay bikers w/ open arms.

That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

It's about time the rally invited us there.

Sturgis 2011 said...

I think it's excellent that Gay persons are being encouraged to attend the Sturgis Rally, afterall everyone loves motorcycles. If you have any tips for Sturgis 2011 for gay persons or anyone else please do share them.

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