Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Willie Brown No Longer an SF Chronicle Columnist?

Whenever the ethically-challenged former mayor of San Francisco and current Chronicle writer Willie Brown is mentioned in the paper, outside of his Sunday column, reference is always made to the fact he's on the staff. No so in yesterday's Style section expensive valentine to haberdasher Wilkes Bashford, who's BFF's with Willie.

Writer Caroline Zinko's profile of Bashford and the photo caption accompanying images by Russell Yip and the credits, yes, end credits for the media package and who created it, mention Brown five times. Omitted is his role as a Chronicle columnist.

Is Brown no longer a write for the paper? He's still there and his column appeared yesterday, but I am sure am curious why the Style section failed to disclose Brown's link to the Chronicle.

Let's be honest here. The glory days of this publication are fading into the mists of the past, and more and more the Chronicle's over all coverage of local news and folks - from the news section to the Style supplement - is all about the wealthy and powerful.

Sure, the editors and reporters toss in occasional news pieces and whatnot about ordinary folks and the disfigurement of the City due to Big Tech and the affordable housing crunch and income disparities, but those are crumbs.

The real meat and potatoes of the Chronicle is puffing up Brown and pals, and the rich tech dudes and occasional dame.

From the profile:

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